Our Founder & Party Planner

LL.B (Honours)


Prior to establishing Party People Events, Sarah Zakaria was attached to a reputable legal firm, a takaful company and an international bank in Kuala Lumpur as a legal assistant in general corporate, legal & company secretarial executive and legal executive respectively. 

She decided to leave the legal profession and abandon the corporate ladder altogether in late 2009 to pursue her passion and utilise her skills, experience and creativity in party planning and design simply because she finds satisfaction and happiness in being able to live her life designing just about anything, creating handmade things, bringing joy, happy memories and beautiful / yummy goodies to people, especially children.  She prefers to build her own business empire from scratch, though she starts small.

Relevant Experiences

  • event / project management: coordinated personal celebrations & corporate events, such as:
          - the coordinator for charity (CSR) events for a department of an international bank in Kuala Lumpur 
            in 2009 

          - formal lunch & buffet lunch at the courthouse in Johor Bahru for judges, lawyers, court staff, other 
            guests and pupils-in-chambers who were called to the Bar in 2007 

          - themed & non-themed birthday parties for adults & children at various types of venues, including 
            homes (indoor & outdoor), hotels, restaurants & a cineplex since 1999

          - community events & company dinners since mid-2012
  • product design:
          - handled the designs / design ideas & decoration for themed / generic birthday cakes, novelty  
            cakes, cupcakes & cookies and gifts since 1998

         - created handmade / customised party favours, wedding favours, goodie bags, snack packs, 
           packaging for chcolates & candies, pinatas, paper bags, stationery items, tags, decoupage-style 
          covers for desks, files & notebooks, wall sign, decorative items and life-size display stand (standee) 
           since 1995
  • face painting & temporary tattoo:
          - face painting: since 2002

          - freehand tattoo designs (using washable ink & paints only) & black / coloured temporary tattoos 
            since 1996

          - glitter tattoos since mid-2012
  • web design:
          - created & managed the web design & content of Party People Event's website since 2010

          - revamped the web design & content of the Internet website of a spa in 2010

          - the web coordinator & designer of a department at an international bank while playing her role as 
            the legal executive from end of 2008 to end of 2009.  It was her first experience in web design and 
            she was given 1 month to learn it, but she managed to get a good grasp of it within 1 week by 
            learning on her own from basic web design training notes, the Internet, tips from her spouse who 
            has IT & graphic design background and feedback from friends & colleagues and revamped the 
            whole website's design & content within approximately 3 months
  • graphic design:
          - designed the logo & marketing materials of Party People Events since 2010

          - designed the logo of a beauty spa in 2010

         - designed the logo & life-sized standee (both hand-drawn) for her team's company at her secondary 
           school - Brainstorm Extreme in 1997, which she formed and managed with her secondary school 
           friends under Tunas Bistari (Young Entrepreneurship programme developed by Johor Corporation, 
           formerly known as PKENJ).  
  • fashion & costume design:
         - designed the pattern & prepared simple ethnic party costume for children for a Sarawak-themed 
           birthday party within less than 1 hour in 2002, 

         - revamped / deconstructed her jeans, t-shirts, shoes, spectacles & decorative items and made 
           bags & accessories since 1996

         - sketched various types of women's clothing items, accessories & shoes in her past time since 
  • interior decoration & product display:
          - handled interior / party decoration of homes & classrooms for birthday celebrations & festive 
            seasons  since 1996 

         - organised product display & booth decoration at all booths / stalls for her team's company 
           Brainstorm Extreme throughout 1997

         - re-organised product display at a beauty spa in Johor Bahru in 1995, 

         - re-organised product display and furniture layout at her primary school's cooperative shop in 1992, 
           which helped to improve sales significantly
  • organisation: organised numerous family homes, colleagues' workstations, filing system and knowledge management since 1992
  • marketing & advertising:
          - responsible for the marketing function of Party People Events since 2010

         - handled an online advertisement for a spa in 2010

          - responsible for the marketing function of Brainstorm Extreme at her secondary 
            Her responsibilities included copywriting, marketing campaigns, creating the company's tagline, 
            handmade & customised logo design, font, print advertisements & all other marketing materials 
            besides sales and liaising with suppliers such as McDonald's throughout 1997.
            Brainstorm Extreme won the Best Company Award at the National Level, competing against other
            companies from secondary schools throughout Malaysia.


She is a very organised, professional, resourceful and efficient person who is meticulous about details, listens carefully to her client's wishes and her work is nothing less than a labour of love, especially when it comes to children. Her skills include:

  • preparing goodie bags, handmade customised party favours, handmade invitation cards, greeting cards, notebooks & other stationery items, gift sets, hampers, fresh flower arrangements, party food and beverages, decorations & decorative / stationery / household items from new, used  or recycled materials
  • able to think on her feet and generate a lot of creative ideas which enables her to plan & prepare for various types of events & budget range, solve problems, create a unique experience for each event and adapt to changes such as when there are any changes in her client's requests or when it's necessary to prepare / source for alternative party supplies / make alternative arrangements within a short time
  • sourcing for suitable items for each event's requirements & client's budget range in domestic & international market
  • liaising with relevant parties, service providers / contractors and suppliers for any events such as professional photography, catering, games/activities, entertainment, cakes, desserts, equipment rental and party venues
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