We Care

We are committed to do our part in leaving less carbon footprint & reducing waste by:

  • running our daily business activities online (including liaising with clients & suppliers, issuing documents to our clients and marketing materials in soft copy only & carrying out promotions via various online channels)
  • offering handmade / customised party items that are practical and unique to each party just as they are attractive, instead of mass-produced generic party supplies, as far as possible, such as pinata
  • offering rental of certain types of party items such as decorations and catering equipment
  • purchasing and using materials that are necessary only
  • adopting no-frills and practical approach to our packaging style
  • offering and choosing to use natural or environmentally-safe materials, products & party supplies, as far as possible in party preparation services & our daily personal life
  • supporting local businesses, especially those who are small businesses, freelancers or home-based entrepreneurs by sourcing for and purchasing materials, supplies or services from them 
  • re-using certain party preparation and party decoration items in creative ways while maintaining the uniqueness of each party
  • supporting Earth Hour actively every year

How these efforts benefit our clients and the environment:

1) Benefits of online-based service vs store-based service & face-to-face meetings:
  • less commuting = less burning of fossil fuel by motor vehicles = reduction in carbon emission
  • convenient, time-saving and cost-effective for both our clients and us as well since the Internet enables us and our clients to make / check orders, perform tasks, share photos & files, make and receive payment, communicate to enquire, suggest, discuss or keep each other updated about the progress of party preparation efficiently and quickly online so, there's minimal necessity for pre-party face-to-face meetings to prepare for parties
2) helps to prevent wastage & add value to the party items that our clients pay for, our clients don't have to purchase party items that are most likely to be used once only & they don't have to find storage space to keep them after the party ends

3) have a clear conscience about what would happen to the party supplies after the party ends

4) support suppliers who care for the environment so that when demand increases, they can produce more environmentally-safe products at a lower cost and this would enable them to offer a lower sale price which would benefit us and our clients

We are constantly planning for more efforts to take care of our precious & fragile environment. Our plans include:

  • to continue with our current efforts as stated above
  • to make a more conscious effort to recycle more things and provide recycle bins as well as biodegradable garbage bags at parties and encourage guests to use them
  • to support organisations such as the Malaysian Nature Society & Earth Hour to support their effort in environmental conservation and education
  • to offer a wider variety of attractive & practical handmade / customised party supplies
  • to gain & share more knowledge about direct & indirect effects of our activities on the environment and options available to reduce our carbon footprint
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